22.04.2023 – 25.06.2023


6 x Malerei

Katrin Brause, Stella Maris, 2016
Öl/Eitempera auf Leinwand, 190 x 280 cm
Sammlung Hildebrand, G2 Kunsthalle Leipzig
Foto: Uwe Walter, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023

With Peter Böhnisch, David Borgmann, Katrin Brause, David Czupryn, Zohar Fraiman, Simone Lucas

The potential that painting and the individual artistic handwriting still have is displayed in the exhibition THE WAY I SEE IT. Six positions of young and already established artists, most of whom live and work in Germany, join in an exciting dialogue. At the centre are aspects such as the manual emergence of the image, an individual appropriation of the world, corporeality and materiality, illusionism, and the role of colour. As such, the exhibition deals with fundamental questions on painting and shows works that deal with representation and figuration in different ways. Highly personal to pictorial traditions that are individually processed and expanded become apparent. In a time where the boundaries between artistic fields have become permeable and art and painting are not automatically evident in themselves, they still demonstrate that the tradition of the panel painting is relevant today. All six positions contribute individual aspects and key topics: Landscape, architecture, figuration (nude, portrait, group portrait) – at times in front of surrealistic-looking sceneries. Here, too, it can be seen that painters not only invent new concepts and establish their own visual languages and worlds, but also refer independently to pictorial traditions.

The exhibition is curated by the artist David Borgmann (*1983), who was born in Wilhelmshaven and lives in Leipzig today.

Installation views

Fotos: Jenny Rosentreter